Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey hi guys!!! What's up?.. So okay I'm doing nothin'. Just waiting for my sister here at the Salon 'til she finish her thing. (I'll let her read this, so that she'll know how bored I'am). Oh well, anw uh have you heard Carly Rae Jepsen's music Call me maybe? I bet all you guys did. What do you guys think? If you'll gonna ask me, all I can say is that, it's really good. Most especially Justin, Ashley, Selena and other's version of the video. Justin's so Hot :( hehehehe.

So much for that.. If you'll gonna ask how my day went.. Uh Oh well it was great, 'cause first of all I don't have a class, so I got the opportunity to bond with my Dad. Too bad my siblings was still at school when me and dad went out. So there we had our lunch at Mann Hann, then after, we went to Starbucks.

YAAAY! Gotta go now, another bonding session, but now, with my siblings :)


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simply Bread

My Sunday morning was so boring...
I felt really bored that's why without any second thought, right after hearing The Mass, I went straight to Galleria, and shopped some stuffs ALONE. Haha!

So yeah, after walking and roaming around, I passed by a bread stall at the foodcourt area which is named Simply Bread by Chef Andrew. I know some of you are still not yet familiar with this, but trust me guys you'll definitely love their breads too.

I really love their breads' taste, because it's not that sweet, which I know most of us prefer, especially the health- conscious out there. And their breads are really affordable, it's like you wont regret buying their breads 'cause it's inexpensive and at the same way yummy. Heehee.

What I bought.. Pan de Red, Coffee Bun, Garlic Bread, and Choco Marble.

So there, I hope this gave you an idea about Simply Bread by Chef Andrew :)

You may check out their website

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Style Diary: Lolly

Hi everyone! How was your Monday?
Hope it went great, though it rained so hard here in Manila...

Anw, I just want to share my outfit/ what I wore to school today.

Top: Sparkle & Fade Chokers: JC Penney Bag, Ring, Leggings: Bazaars Clogs: People are People

Sorry again for the LQ.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

D-I-Y Fringed Crop Top

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I made a fringed super crop top last night. Super crop top because I actually made it for my sister, who's petite. That's why the size is like that! Haha.

Fringed tops are "in" this season. Ever wondered how to make some of it?

Here's how.
Materials needed:
T- shirt (men's size)
Cutting board
Fabric glue

1) Determine where you want your fringe to begin.
2) Take the t- shirt and lay it flat against the cutting board.
3) Now, to start cutting the fringe, figure out how long you want the fringe is to be. Then cut it into strips until your desired length.
4) To ensure that the hemline is even, take your ruler and take a look if the hemline is straight.
5) Place your hand on the edge to make sure that the seams will not rip. Carefully pull each strips and extend it to make it look a little bit more messy.
6) Try on the shirt to see if you are satisfied with the length of the fringe.

For the neckline:
Just cut out the seams that are already there.

For the "love" design:
1) Cut pieces of ribbon an use it to spell out the letters of your chosen word.
2) Stick the ribbon pieces in place with fabric glue.
3) Leave it out to dry.

That's it!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Four days to go

Hi everyone! Four lovely days to go and it's Valentine's once again. Too bad I don't have a class on the 14th, wouldn't be able to see my crush. Huhu =))) one of the perfect gifts for V :) Haha! So yeah, you guys have a date on Valentine's? Good for you. How bout the hopeless romantics out there? The dateless?
Oh well no worries, I got some tips on how to spend Valentine's. Smile!

1) Spend it with your family. Ask them to go out, have that "family bonding". Or if you guys just wanna stay at home, why not cook or bake for them?

2) With your awesome friends. Go to the spa, shop 'til you guys drop, movie marathon with them. What else? Party at night, pig out, chill at Starbucks, slumber parties. There's a lot to do actually.

3) But then, if you really want to spend Valentine's alone, I won't blame you, it's your choice. Go shopping, and yes go to the spa, relax and pamper yourself! Don't forget to buy a Cocoa Milk Tea with Puff Cream + J. Co. Heehee!

So there ya go guys. What do you think is the best way to celebrate Valentine's?

Much love, Ingrid xx

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I thought that eating chocolate cake and drinking choco frappe at Noriter will eventually end my Sweet Cravings. I'm pretty wrong.. I'm still really craving for CUPCAKES until now. This cupcake- craving of mine's still last week. Huhuhu. I checked out Cupcakes by Sonja's website.. sneaked on their lovely and delicious cuppies, and BOOM, slobber me. So how's that now? Anyone kind enough to treat me? Please oh Please :( It would be the perfect Valentine's gift for me :) HIHIHIHI!

Courtesy of Foodie Manila


Sweet Cravings

Hello Guys! What's up now? Your Monday, how was it?
Everyone hates Monday, agree? But not all the time, (I guess) because my Monday was really great, that's why I love it. Haha! Early class dismissal before my 2hr break + 2hr break + free cut = Happy Monday!

So me and my friend Adi G went straight to Noriter after watching some old movies.

Noriter is one of our favorite cafe around taft, because of it's relaxing and cozy ambiance.

Noriter means PLAYGROUND in KOREA.



A portion of vandals at Noriter. But for me, these vandals make Noriter one of a kind.

One of Noriter's attractions is that you can doodle whatever you want on a paper cup. Express yourself! Just like what they have told above.

What me and Adi G did.

Bored ET's over here. Sorry for this not so good photo of us. We're really trying for almost a hundred times, to capture a good photo of us, but someone doesn't want us to have it. Haha! ( Visit her blog adigonzales.blogspot.com )

So promise me guys to visit Noriter real soon, alright? You won't regret emigrating Taft for this. Much love, Ingrid. xx

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

SuperSale Bazaar


One of my most awaited event this March 2012. The Spring/ Summer SuperSale Bazaar on March 2- 4, 2012 at The World Trade Center.

So what are you guys waiting for? Mark your calendars now, and somehow save up. Haha! I bet you guys will surely find best and one of a kind fashion pieces in here. Plus our very fashionable top bloggers in and outside the Metro. I really can't wait for this. See you!xx

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Epic Saturday 1

Hi Guys! How was your Saturday? Hmmm, mine was great. Want a sneak- peek?

My outfit all day and night (taken at Ronac Art Gallery)
Pardon me for my wasted face.

Went here at around 8:30am to watch my sisters' fieldemo and others' as well.

My SIZZLING lunch for the day. It only cost 49 pesos, very affordable, right?


Mahdel Caribo

Alexis Bernardo, very casual and laid- back.

Mickaela Saludega, retro chic right here. Love the semi high- waisted shorts.

My lovely sister, Diane Borja. NEW YORK! and your brougues, I love.

Hi cutie! Forgot to ask your name. Hands down to your style baby. You look so cool. Your Combat Boots, are so asdfghjkl. Kudos!

Flordeliza Villar's

The FASHIONISTAS! Vielle and Marian Perote

I want CANDY! Told you guys, it was a carnival-ish fair! x
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