Sunday, February 12, 2012

D-I-Y Fringed Crop Top

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I made a fringed super crop top last night. Super crop top because I actually made it for my sister, who's petite. That's why the size is like that! Haha.

Fringed tops are "in" this season. Ever wondered how to make some of it?

Here's how.
Materials needed:
T- shirt (men's size)
Cutting board
Fabric glue

1) Determine where you want your fringe to begin.
2) Take the t- shirt and lay it flat against the cutting board.
3) Now, to start cutting the fringe, figure out how long you want the fringe is to be. Then cut it into strips until your desired length.
4) To ensure that the hemline is even, take your ruler and take a look if the hemline is straight.
5) Place your hand on the edge to make sure that the seams will not rip. Carefully pull each strips and extend it to make it look a little bit more messy.
6) Try on the shirt to see if you are satisfied with the length of the fringe.

For the neckline:
Just cut out the seams that are already there.

For the "love" design:
1) Cut pieces of ribbon an use it to spell out the letters of your chosen word.
2) Stick the ribbon pieces in place with fabric glue.
3) Leave it out to dry.

That's it!

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