Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Simply Bread

My Sunday morning was so boring...
I felt really bored that's why without any second thought, right after hearing The Mass, I went straight to Galleria, and shopped some stuffs ALONE. Haha!

So yeah, after walking and roaming around, I passed by a bread stall at the foodcourt area which is named Simply Bread by Chef Andrew. I know some of you are still not yet familiar with this, but trust me guys you'll definitely love their breads too.

I really love their breads' taste, because it's not that sweet, which I know most of us prefer, especially the health- conscious out there. And their breads are really affordable, it's like you wont regret buying their breads 'cause it's inexpensive and at the same way yummy. Heehee.

What I bought.. Pan de Red, Coffee Bun, Garlic Bread, and Choco Marble.

So there, I hope this gave you an idea about Simply Bread by Chef Andrew :)

You may check out their website

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