Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sweet Cravings

Hello Guys! What's up now? Your Monday, how was it?
Everyone hates Monday, agree? But not all the time, (I guess) because my Monday was really great, that's why I love it. Haha! Early class dismissal before my 2hr break + 2hr break + free cut = Happy Monday!

So me and my friend Adi G went straight to Noriter after watching some old movies.

Noriter is one of our favorite cafe around taft, because of it's relaxing and cozy ambiance.

Noriter means PLAYGROUND in KOREA.



A portion of vandals at Noriter. But for me, these vandals make Noriter one of a kind.

One of Noriter's attractions is that you can doodle whatever you want on a paper cup. Express yourself! Just like what they have told above.

What me and Adi G did.

Bored ET's over here. Sorry for this not so good photo of us. We're really trying for almost a hundred times, to capture a good photo of us, but someone doesn't want us to have it. Haha! ( Visit her blog adigonzales.blogspot.com )

So promise me guys to visit Noriter real soon, alright? You won't regret emigrating Taft for this. Much love, Ingrid. xx

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