Friday, March 09, 2012

Lacey Daisy

                                    TGIF!! ♥

                                                        So, this is what I wore to school today.

My skin's not fair :O

Actually, this necklace isn't really a necklace. I mean, I didn't bought this as this. It's a ring. I just grabbed a silver chain necklace then I inserted the chain somewhere in the ring :))

                     Lace top: Betty (my sister's) || Skirt: Pink Manila || 
                     Bag: Queen Street || Bangles: Mirage || Flats: Janeo

Leave me a comment! Thank you. xx
This is my first official outfit post. Still imperfect, pardon me for that :)


  1. Wow! Fellow Dominican Blogger :) I saw your Blogsite's link on facebook and just thought of dropping by. Naalala ko mukha mo. Hehehe. I used to see you in Dcan way way back before. Hee :> Btw, great blog! :)

    1. Hi! Thank you! Yours' great too!!! :) cheers :)