Thursday, April 19, 2012

D-I-Y Tassel and Fringe necklace

Hola! How's your summer going? 

Anyway.. In this post I will somehow teach you how to make a tassel and fringe necklace. Actually this' a result of boredom. And something passed through my mind and eventually, I told myself that I'll make or I'll try to make accessories this summer.. and because I'm super duper bored already,I immediately bought all the materials needed.=))
Guess what? I'm getting addicted to it. SERYOSO! :) Who knows, sooner or later I'll be having my own online shop na. Haha kidding =))

Kidding aside, I'll tell you guys first the materials needed:

☮ Crochet thread ( for tassel necklace )
☮ Leather ribbons 
☮ Chains
☮ Long- nosed pliers
☮ Round- nosed pliers
☮ Plated cord tips
☮ Jump rings
☮ Locks
☮ Embellishments

Tassel Necklace:

1. For the tassels: Get a short envelope and the crochet thread. Wrap the thread around the envelope, about 25 times or how many times you want. (Make five tassels)
2. Slip off the thread and tie the top section off, with a piece of ribbon. This will form a loop.
3. Then put a ribbon inside the loop then tie it. get the excess of it and attach it to the plated cord.
4. Get a jump ring and insert it on the loop that is already attached at the top of the plated cord.
5. Then attach the jump ring into the chain..
Now, you're done :D

Fringe Necklace:

For me, making a fringe necklace is way easier than making a tassel necklace..
1. Get the leather ribbon ( must be a bit thick )
2. Cut it, depending on how long you want the fringes are to be. 
3. After that, on the upper part of the fringes, make a small hole.. Good enough for you to insert the jump ring.
4. Then, just attach the jump ring into the chain.
5. And for it not to look that plain. I suggest, put some embellishments in between the fringes.

That's it! So easy right?
Hope this helps!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :D


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