Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lovin' Jakarta! Day one

Hi everyone! Really wanted to post this, days ago, but our internet connection doesn't allow me to. Haha, I always bring my laptop with me so if ever there's a free wifi spot, (back when I was still in Indonesia) I can already do my own thing, just like this.. Blog- posting :)

So yup I'm in Manila now. Gonna share with you guys how my Jakarta trip went :D

My Day one (March 31, 2012) outfit.. (so tagal na no? hehe)

You see, a hippie band can transform a simple look into a bohemian one.

From Mirage

Accessories are really helpful, it makes an outfit complete. Just look at my top.. really plain and simple, right? But because of the necklace it looked appealing, and of course it doesn't looked plain anymore.

Bracelets!! Made Candy mag's charm bracelet a part of my outfit too!

And now I will show you guys how my first day in Jakarta went through of course pictures and captions.

Went at Taman Anggrek Mall at around 2pm. (Oh, for this photo I took this when we're going home already.. hehe)

Had our super late lunch at Yoshinoya. Everyone's familiar with this.

A proof that I'm 'always bringing' my laptop with me! With my sister Angela and Candyd.

Yupi! Gummyland :D Obviously, I bought gummies here. Took a photo of this stall because it's so cute and appealing in my eyes! I love gummies :D

This Dino's made up of gummy bears!

If there's gummyland, there's also candyland :D

As you can see, their candies are hand- made. You can have your candies personalized too!

Rotiboy Bakeshoppe's known for their coffee bun. It's not the common coffee bun because there's a butter filling inside of it, which made it more tasty. Grabe, really fell in love with that, the first time I tasted it. 

Breadtalk's counterpart.

Avocado Float or Alpukat Float.

Taman Anggrek's Skating Rink. 
Compared to our skating rates, their rates is so much better. Only Rp 48, 000 or Php 250 for 2 hours. Amazing! =))

So much for the first day.. Will be posting a lot more about our Indonesia trip on the next few days! 
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  1. Lookin' lovely, Ingrid! :> xx