Sunday, April 15, 2012

Print on Print

Hi everyone!! Finally I'm on vacation mode now! I can already do everything I want :D Anyway another post about our Indonesia trip :) And oh btw, my title is in connect with my Day 2 (April 1, 2012) outfit. So yup will tell you guys more about my outfit and trip through pictures and captions.

** Just don't mind my face, Thank you! **

** Just don't mind my face and arms, Thank you! **

** Just don't mind my face and arms, Thank you! **

So about my Day 2 outfit, just my casual look. A top and a pants, but of course I want it somehow to have a print on it so that it won't look boring. My title is"Print on Print" because yup it's obvious. But sometimes doing this trend (Print on Print) is kinda tricky, 'cus maybe you'll over- do it, or the colors and prints on it won't match or suit. And for me not to look over- dress, I didn't accessorize that much, just wore some bangles and pumps and I'm good to go.

Top: Pink Manila || Pants: Muffin || Bangles: Mirage || Pumps: Parisian

So these are about our trip.

I miss this! One of my favorite Indonesian food! "Soto Ayam" It only cost Rp 10, 000 or Php 50 :D

Ketupat Sayur. Between Soto Ayam and this, I prefer Soto Ayam :DD

Paired my Soto Ayam with Watermelon shake. Senang makan!

Went to Tanah Abang to check out some clothes.

Went to Puri Mall and strolled around.

Had our dinner at "Doner Kebab" 

Just ordered a light meal, Chicken Kebab Burger.

And ohhhhhh, down to my favorite store. STROBERI!!!-- "teen's soulmate"-- according to them :)

Really love the interior and the lightings. Woo hands down. ( I'm sorry for being so OA :)) I love this store kasi ) :DD

Tourists on the loose. My sisters :DD

What I bought at Stroberi. 

Lastly, we went to Carrefour to buy some foods, snacks and pasalubong na din. Hehe and went home after.

Watch out for my other posts about our trip!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I love you all ♥

xx, Ingrid

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