Saturday, May 05, 2012

Candy x Neon

Hola!! How's everyone? You guys enjoying your summer or not? Well, just enjoy it as much as you guys can :D

Another outfit post, that I wore last night at the first ever Candy Style Awards held at Rockwell tent.
I'll be having a separate post about that. But now will show you guys first my outfit :D

If you guys want to ask why is my outfit like this.. It's because it's a Candy event.. from the word Candy, of course it simply means "colorful" - for me =)) lol. So yup, I picked pieces of clothes that are neon in color, just like my top, then paired it with a cream- colored shorts. ('cause I don't wanna abuse the colors that much) And added those neon bracelet for that Candy and summery look :D And the black clutch for a bit formal look, because I'm attending an awards night :DD

This was actually my first look, with a hippie band- which is my hair :D Yup you read it right, I used my hair :) HAHA it gave my outfit that oomph, and tipid pa =))) HAHA.

At the red carpet :DD

Details of my top
Back part

Front part

My oh so colorful accessories

Top: Never been kissed || Shorts: Libert'e || Accessories: Stroberi, Indonesia || Clutch bag: SM Accessories

As I've said, I'll be having a separate post about the event itself, so don't forget to check it out!
And do leave me a comment. Please? Hihihi.
Thanks everyone for visiting my blog :)

I'm receiving a lot of views here in my blog these past few days, and I wonder who are those people viewing my blog.. So please everyone, please do leave a comment here so that I can know who you are :DD x


  1. Hi ingrid nice blog :DD

  2. Hi ingrid! I love your blog entries and take note, your photos are dazzlin' <3

    keep on blogging! I'm having fun reading your blog ;) God bless :D

    -elline O:)

    1. Hi Elline! Thank you so much! :) <33333